About Us


Welcome to Becadu!

Founded in 2019, Becadu was born out of a shared passion for anime, especially One Piece, among a group of close friends. We are dedicated fans who decided to turn our enthusiasm into reality by creating an online store that offers unique and high-quality merchandise for fellow One Piece enthusiasts.

Our journey begins with a deep dive into the world of One Piece. We immerse ourselves in the rich lore, vibrant characters, and captivating storylines that make this series truly legendary. Through extensive research, we gain a thorough understanding of the themes, motifs, and elements that resonate most strongly with fans.

Armed with this knowledge, our team of dedicated designers and enthusiasts embark on the creative process. We brainstorm ideas, sketch concepts, and explore various design possibilities, all while staying true to the essence of One Piece. Every design decision is carefully considered, ensuring that each product captures the essence of the series and reflects our love for it.

Once the initial designs are crafted, we gather feedback from our community of fellow One Piece fans. Their insights and input are invaluable, helping us refine and perfect our creations to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

From there, we work closely with trusted manufacturers to bring our designs to life. We meticulously oversee every step of the production process, from selecting premium materials to ensuring meticulous craftsmanship. The result is a collection of merchandise that not only celebrates the world of One Piece but also reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional products to our customers.

Our commitment to quality, creativity, and authenticity shines through in every item we offer. Whether it’s a t-shirt adorned with your favorite character or a cozy blanket featuring iconic scenes from the series, each product is a labor of love that embodies the spirit of One Piece.

Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you. We hope you enjoy exploring our collection and find something that brings a piece of the One Piece adventure into your life.

Welcome to the Becadu crew, where One Piece dreams come true!